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Wild awe is one of the most powerful antidotes to the modern sense of anxiety, alienation and fatigue.

So much of today’s epidemic of physical and mental illnesses results from the sedentary nature of 21st century life where we sit nearly all day, spend 90%+ of our time indoors and watch other people doing things on our screens rather than creating our own adventures.

We can reverse the negative effects of sitting so much and rewild our health through mindful walking and dedicating time to experiences of wild awe.

I recommend taking a mindful walk at least once a day after a meal (morning is the best time), unplugging completely and spending time wandering in nature once a month and getting into the wilderness through backpacking once a year to experience wild awe.

After 3 days unplugged in nature, you’ll see your awareness expand and you will have a sense of interconnectedness with the living, breathing world that is becoming rare in our hyperconnected world.

In this video, I talk about the health benefits of wild awe and how to expand your awareness to experience the awe-inspiring vastness, spaciousness and mystery of nature.

Kyle Pearce

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