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Does modern humanity have the wisdom to survive?

While humanity has harnessed the nuclear forces of the atom, created flying machines that can explore outer space and developed artificial intelligence that could become more intelligent than we are… something we greatly lack is ecological wisdom.

For indigenous cultures, this ecological wisdom comes naturally from their reverence and connection with the land but it seems to elude us no matter how much data we collect about what we’re doing to the biosphere.

Despite all our technological genius, the market-driven consumer society we have created based on maximizing short-term profit by promoting an insatiable drive for material consumption is a suicide machine.

Now more than ever, we need a revival of ecosophia, which is Latin for ecological wisdom. And what better way to inspire this kind of wisdom than by learning from some of the world’s most profound and innovative thinkers in a new documentary?

I’m really excited about the upcoming release this summer of Ecosophia, a documentary all about the ecological wisdom we are going to need to rediscover to heal the world.

Ecosophia: An Ecological Wisdom Documentary

The documentary film features an incredible cast of scientists, activists, ecologists, ecopsychologists, permaculture teachers, musicians and thinkers giving their thoughts on ecological wisdom.

Rather than another one of the countless doomsday environmental documentaries that hit us over the head about how bad the global biodiversity crisis is, this promising film looks like a meaningful and inspiring work that can help us diagnose our mass neurosis and start to resolve our problems.

The film was directed by Peter C. Downey of Wombat City Studios, who has made some excellent documentary films on our connection to nature and how to escape from the cult of materialism such as Anima Mundi, Surviving Earth and Shopping For Freedom.

Here are some thought-provoking segments from the film that have been released through Wombat City Studios’ YouTube channel.

Greed Is A Mental And Spiritual Illness

Is modern civilization Easter Island on a global scale? Mindahi Bastida, the director of the Original Nations Program and a caretaker of the philosophy and traditions of the Otomi-Toltec peoples gives an animistic perspective on how we need to feed the spirit and remember our place in nature.

Mindfulness For Resilience 

Bobbi Allan, the founder of Mindfulness In Education talks about the narcissism of modern psychology and how mindfulness helps us come to our senses and open us to a new form of ecopsychology where we can restore our connection to nature and our non-human ancestors.

The Crisis of Spirituality

Rocky Dawuni, a three-time Grammy nominee, songwriter and record producer from Ghana explains the crisis of spirituality around the world and how we end up covering up our problems by worshipping at the church of materialism to satiate our greed and elevate our status.

Let’s hope this documentary spreads widely and the ecological wisdom shared helps add fuel to the emerging green renaissance.

Kyle Pearce

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