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The 8th Fire is a provocative, high-energy journey through First Nations culture in Canada that shows why we need to fix Canada’s 500-year-old relationship with Indigenous peoples, which has been a fraught relationship mired in colonialism, conflict and denial.

This film series 8th Fire: Aboriginal Peoples, Canada & the Way Forward was originally aired on the CBC in 2012 but I believe it’s important that all Canadians take the time to watch it and learn in the spirit of reconciliation.

In recent years, the Truth & Reconciliation Commission report has made 94 calls to action to improve the relationship between native and non-native people in Canada. This film series is an important educational journey everyone should watch along the path to reconciliation.

The 8th Fire Trailer

The film series is hosted by Wab Kinew, who has gone on to become the premier of Mantiboa. In the trailer, Wab Kinew takes viewers a two-minute walk through 500 years of aboriginal history in Canada.

Episode 1: Indigenous In The City

More than half of Canada’s indigenous people now live in cities. This first episode tells their stories of resilience and revival of their traditional ways in the modern world..

Episode 2: It’s Time

Wab Kinew and John Legendier discuss the need for reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada using personal stories of dealing with identity issues and the lack of representation of Indigenous culture.

Episode 3: Whose Land Is It Anyway?

In this episode, Indigenous leaders discuss the significance of land to their communities and the challenges of land disputes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Episode 4: At The Crossroads

In the final episode, Indigenous people discuss the impact of the Indian Act on Indigenous communities, the importance of education and the economic development in some First Nations communities.

Kyle Pearce

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