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Science now shows that plants appear to be sentient beings that can perceive light, touch, smell, and water.

They can learn, remember and communicate.

They are capable of solving problems and learning from past experiences and exhibit nearly all of the traits we associated with intelligence.

They don’t have brains, but they translate information into electrochemical signals in their cells identical to the ones used by our own neurons.

“Plants may not have a brain but they act as a brain”, says Anthropologist Jeremy Narby in his book Intelligence In Nature.

The word neuron actually comes from the Greek for vegetal fiber because they look like the cut of the inside of a plant.

They don’t have eyes but they have the same photoreceptor proteins all over their bodies that human have at the back of the retina.

They are a crucial part of nature’s self-organizing intelligence.

Aren’t plants amazing?

Watch the fascinating video below to see plant intelligence visualized.

Kyle Pearce

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