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Climate change is about to bring a world of pain and economic collapse to human societies. The next decade of the 2020s will be the most important of human existence thus far.

We will have to rise to this monumental ecological challenge and come together to build a regenerative culture or we will disintegrate into civil war, zero sum tribalism and possibly the collapse of advanced technological civilization.

Fortunately, we have many allies in the web of life that offer us natural wisdom that can help us save ourselves from the curse of human greed, envy and stupidity.

The answers are right under our feet. Studying the mycology of fungi can teach us to heal ourselves, the collective human tribe and the planetary ecology.

There is the abstract and metaphorical knowledge learned from books and there is the living wisdom learned from experiential learning and the study of the intelligence of nature.

In many ways, mycelium acts as the brain of terrestrial life. Fungi mycelium is an elemental force of rebirth that renews life and the Earth’s soil.

Mycelium can produce biodegradable plastics, tasty meat substitutes, powerful medicines, detoxify pollution and eliminate waste.

The emerging field of mycoremediation is the next frontier of biological and environmental sciences that will help us clean up toxic mess created by the runaway growth of industrial civilization.

Fungi has always played a critical role in human evolution and they will are poised play a crucial role in the rewilding of the human family and the restoration of the beauty and wildness of Mother Earth.

Soil Mycoremeditation Talk

An excellent talk on the vast potential of mycoremeditation for regenerating soil.How mushrooms clean up the planet (and other fungi powers)

How Mushrooms Clean Up The Planet (And Other Fungi Powers)

They are mostly invisible, essential for life on earth and could be the building blocks of our future. Here’s how fungi can clean up our soils from the mess we created – and even house us.

Kyle Pearce

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