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In flow psychology there are flow triggers that make it easier to focus the mind and pay attention to the deep now of immediate sensory experience.

One of my favourite flow triggers is deep embodiment, a felt sense of embodied awareness in the world where shift from thinking to feeling.

Essential, deep embodiment comes from paying attention to multiple sensory systems at once.

So much of modern life has become disembodied. We sit most of our day hunched over laptops or scrolling on flat 2D rectangular smartphones and the antidote to all the negative effects of sitting so much is spending more time outside in a 3D rich environment where we can immerse ourselves in our senses.

There is an emerging science of embodied cognition that is showing how deeply the way we think and feel is effected by our physical environment.

One of the easiest ways to improve focus, energy and mood is to spending more time outside using all of our senses in rich natural environments that have high levels of novelty, complexity and unpredictability. This makes a state of deep embodiment much easier.

If you would like to experience deep embodiment as a gateway into a state of flow, I’ve created a mindful walking meditation you can do below.

A Mindful Walking Meditation For Deep Embodiment

In this deep embodiment walking meditation we explore the flow of embodied awareness.

This meditation involves feeling the world and immersing yourself in your embodied sensory awareness.

We start by noticing how the body’s largest organ the skin senses the world around you in the form of touch, temperature and clothing touching your body.

Then we shift into creating an embodied flow of feeling, seeing, hearing and smelling.

I recommend listening to this meditation on your smartphone while walking outside.

Kyle Pearce

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