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Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Americas with a summit elevation of 6,962 metres (22,841 ft).

The name Aconcagua is believed to come from local indigenous Quechua language “Ackon Cahuak” meaning the “Sentinel of Stone”.

For the Incas, Aconcagua was a sacred mountain and they built places of worship here. A sacred site was discovered in 1985 at an altitude of 5167 metres (16,952 ft) are among the highest in the world and is considered one of the most difficult of all Inca sites to reach.

At one of the sacred sites, the well-preserved remains of a 7-year-old boy, dated to around 1500 A.D. was found bedded on grass, cloth and feathers were found inside stone walls, which has become known as the Aconcagua mummy.

The clothing indicates that the child was a member of the highest social class. Other offerings found included figures and coca leaves.

The best time to climb Aconcagua is from November to April. It is an extremely challenge climb that takes about three weeks to complete with a local trekking expedition tour company.

Awe-Inspiring Photos of Aconcagua

Aconcagua Summit Highest Peak in the Andes
A panoramic view of Aconcagua rising above the towering peaks of the Andes.
A morning cloud burst around the summit of Aconcagua.
The entrance to Cerro Aconcagua provincial park near Mendoza, Argentina.
Cerro Aconcagua Approach
A closer view of Aconcagua as you enter the first valley in the Cerro Aconcagua Provincial Park.
A trekking group in the valley below the south face of Aconcagua.
The summit of Aconcagua seen from Viña del Mar in Chile.
Kyle Pearce

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